Best toe grips for dogs: Top reviews of 2023

Today’s dog owners are increasingly aware of the importance of ensuring their pets' mobility and safety, especially on slippery surfaces. Toe grips for dogs have emerged as an essential tool for this purpose.

In this blog, we will talk about them in depth and provide reviews of the top products.

Selecting the right toe grips for different dog breeds and ages

Choosing the appropriate toe grips for your dog requires consideration of their breed, age, and individual needs. Different breeds have varying paw sizes and shapes, which means one size or type of toe grip won't fit all. For instance, larger breeds like German Shepherds or Labradors may need more robust, larger-sized grips due to their size and weight. Conversely, smaller breeds like Chihuahuas or Pomeranians might benefit from softer, more flexible grips that can comfortably fit their petite paws.

Age is another crucial factor. Puppies, with their developing coordination, may require toe grips that offer maximum traction without restricting their natural movement. Senior dogs, on the other hand, often face challenges like arthritis or general muscle weakness, making them more prone to slipping. They need toe grips that provide extra support and stability, helping them maintain their balance and move confidently.

Moreover, certain breeds have specific requirements based on their physical attributes and common health concerns. For example, breeds prone to hip dysplasia or other joint issues might benefit from toe grips designed for enhanced support to ease movement and reduce joint strain.

Why toe grips are important for dogs

Toe grips play a crucial role in enhancing a dog's mobility, especially on slippery surfaces. They provide several benefits:

Enhanced Traction: They offer secure footing, especially on floors that are slippery.

Improved Joint Health: They alleviate pressure on joints by preventing slips, which can be particularly beneficial for dogs with joint concerns.

Support After Surgery: They aid in the recovery process by providing stable footing

Neurological Support: Beneficial for dogs with neurological conditions, improving their balance and coordination

Ease of Use: Most toe grips are easy to use and do not need additional training

Reduced Stress: They minimize stress and anxiety in dogs by improving their stability and confidence

Navigating the challenges on slippery surfaces: how toe grips help dogs

Slippery surfaces like polished hardwood, slick tiles, or icy sidewalks can be perilous for our canine companions. This is particularly true for senior dogs, those with joint issues, or even energetic puppies who haven't mastered the art of balance yet. On such surfaces, dogs often struggle to maintain their footing. Their paws are designed for traction, but hard, smooth floors don't offer the resistance that nature intended.

This is where toe grips come into play. By enhancing the natural grip of a dog's nails, these simple yet effective tools provide the traction needed on slippery surfaces. Think of them as tiny cleats for your dog's paws, allowing them to navigate these challenging environments with confidence and safety.

For senior dogs, who may be dealing with arthritis or muscle weakness, slipping can be dangerous and painful. This added traction is not just about physical safety; it has a profound psychological impact as well. Dogs who feel secure in their movements are happier and less stressed. This is especially true for breeds prone to hip dysplasia or other joint issues, where every slip can mean pain or discomfort. Toe grips allow these dogs to walk, run, and play without the constant fear of slipping.

Best toe grips for dogs today – Expert reviews

1. Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips

Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips are designed to provide instant traction on hard surfaces like wood or tile floors, helping dogs, especially seniors, to stop sliding instantly. These grips are unique in that they attach to the dog's nails, providing traction exactly where it's needed without interfering with the paw's natural use.


  • Offers immediate traction
  • Scientifically tested and proven to not interfere with the dog’s natural gait
  • Long-lasting (up to three months)
  • Easy to apply and requires no adhesive


  • Some dogs might try to chew them off, and they may not fit all nail sizes or shapes perfectly.

2. DOK TigerToes Premium Non-Slip Dog Socks

Designed with an emphasis on both function and comfort, these socks are made from elastic cotton fabric and are particularly suited for senior pets or those with joint and mobility issues.


  • Provides three times more grip than standard dog socks, even when twisted
  • Suitable for both large and small dogs.
  • The unique design offers maximum traction on slippery surfaces


  • Being socks, they may not be as durable as rubber-based toe grips and might require frequent replacements.

3. Aqumax Dog Anti Slip Paw Grips

Aqumax Paw Grips are a set of 48 pads offering enhanced traction for dogs on hardwood floors or for injury prevention. They feature a unique adhesive design and are made from non-toxic materials.


  • Strong adhesive for reliable traction
  • Easy to apply and remove, and suitable for dogs of various sizes.
  • The design is both classical and unique, ensuring comfort for the dog


  • They are disposable and might require frequent replacements, and the adhesive might not suit all dogs, especially those with sensitive skin.

4. VALFRID Dog Paw Protector Anti-Slip Grips

VALFRID offers a pack of 24 pieces of paw protector grips, designed to keep dogs from slipping on hardwood floors and to protect their paws from outdoor hazards.


  • Made with hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Rugged for outdoor use, and easy to use
  • They also help in keeping the dog’s paws clean and dry


  • Disposable nature means more frequent replacements, and the sizing needs to be accurate for effective use.

5. LOOBANI Dog Anti-Slip Toe Grips

LOOBANI provides a set of 48 pads designed for dogs with weak legs and hips. These grips offer a significant increase in traction on slippery floors, supporting dogs with mobility issues.


  • SGS certified for safety and breathability
  • Larger rubber area for enhanced slip resistance
  • Thin and unobtrusive design


  • Being thin, they might wear out faster than thicker options, and some dogs may find them uncomfortable.


Choosing the right toe grips for your dog involves considering the size of your dog's paws, the type of surfaces they frequently walk on, and any specific needs they might have, such as joint support or recovery assistance. By investing in a suitable set of toe grips, you can significantly enhance your dog's quality of life, ensuring they remain active, happy, and safe in their daily adventures.

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